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Summer Dip

Confidence Challenge
Fear to Freedom

A 4-Day Confidence Challenge

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Date: 4 - 7 September 2023
Time: 12:00 PM UK | 1:00 PM Europe
4:40PM India | 7:00 PM HK & Singapore |
9:00 PM Sydney

You’re one step closer to multiplying your confidence and moving towards a life of even more joy, freedom and confidence 

Join me for the
4-day online Confidence Challenge to take you from fear to freedom and step into your courage and confidence in just 4 days

When you join this event you will immediately be sent the exact roadmap I use for my signature program and clients….....FREE!

It outlines the
exact methodology that has helped hundreds of conscious leaders, impact-driven entrepreneurs and individuals navigating life changes to multiply their confidence over the last few years.

Join me on
4 - 7 September, 2023

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Compass and Map

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Find your courageous inner leader to step forward with passion and purpose.

Monica Browning

Monica Browning
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