Courage Through Coaching 

Supporting people to live their best lives

authentically and courageously



Whether you're exploring leadership/executive coaching, life coaching or team coaching, coaching with me will take you on a creative and supported journey of personal development and self-discovery that steers you towards a life of greater clarity, greater balance and greater fulfilment.  

Coaching combines process, art and science.  Coaching requires you to be honest with yourself.  It delivers results and brings valuable insights. whilst deepening your self-awareness and personal growth.  The more you are willing to grow, to experience your authentic truth and connect with your true identity, the more you will uncover what may be holding you back.  As a result you will be able to make better choices and decisions for yourself (both professionally and personally) and the more fulfilling and rich your life will be. 

Coaching may be just what you're looking for if:

  • you're looking for greater balance and clarity

  • you're seeking support and fresh perspectives on leadership

  • you're exploring ways to create more meaning and purpose for yourself

  • you're feeling stuck or overwhlemed

  • you're struggling with confidence, self doubt or boundary setting

  • you're looking to better understand and control your emotions (emotional regulation)

Coaching helps you to pursue the goals and dreams that matter to you most.  This takes courage.  AND, fulfilment can be found even in the toughest of times.  It all starts with understanding ourselves better and building a greater sense of self-awareness. 


Setting Healthy Boundaries

90 Minute Workshop | 6 September 2022
(8pm HKT / 1pm UKT / 8am EST) 

The topic of boundaries is so hot right now, many people are talking about them AND many people are also struggling with them. 


If this sounds like you, then this 90 minutes boundary setting workshop is for you!

To find out:

  • What healthy boundaries are

  • How you can recognise, identify and communicate them

  • Tips and tools for maintaining them


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Work with me

Whether you're a high level executive looking for greater balance or accountability, an entrepreneur starting a new business needing alternative perspectives, or at a career cross-roads needing support with future direction, leadership and life coaching is for everyone.  Choose your path.....
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1:1 Coaching

Healthy Boundary Setting

Leadership / Executive Development

Tailored life & leadership coaching packages focused on your individual goals moving you towards the life you want.

Sign up for a individual deep dive (2hrs) boundary setting session OR  enroll for the next group exploration on healthy boundary setting.  Explore what healthy boundaries are, how you can identify them and get practical tips and tools for maintaining them.

Exectuive Development programs, coaching, training and facilitation tailored to be 'fit for purpose' for the individuals and teams (in-tact or virtual) within your organisation or community. 

White Sand and Stone

Monica’s coaching has provided me with clarity and alignment between my personal/core values and my career. In addition, I have rediscovered my inner confidence, strength and ambitions, which are enabling me to take important steps for the next phase of my career.

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