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Setting Healthy Boundaries 

90 Minute Workshop
7 December 2021
(8pm HKT / 12pm UKT / 7am EST) 

The topic of boundaries is so hot right now, many people are talking about them.  AND many people are also struggling with them. 


If this sounds like you, then this 90 minutes boundary setting workshop is for you!

To find out:

  • What healthy boundaries are

  • How you can recognise, identify and communicate them

  • Tips and tools for maintaining them


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Welcome to Courage Through Coaching.

Coaching is all about YOU.  It is a process that helps you move towards (and exceed) you goals - personal or professional.  Coaching helps unlock your true potential to maximise your own performance, joy and fulfillment.  It helps you reconnect and harness your natural strengths and abilities, and empowers you to make conscious and right decisions for you.  Whether it’s leadership coaching, executive coaching, career coaching, life coaching or team coaching, coaching is a creative and supportive process of personal development and self-discovery that steers you towards a life of greater joy, greater meaning and greater fulfillment.

My personal belief that fulfilment is state of being.  It is not a destination. The more we are willing to experience and grow, the deeper, more satisfying life will be. Fulfilment comes from witnessing your own growth. It comes from pursuing the dreams and goals that matter to you most. This can take courage.  We can all find fulfilment, even in the toughest of times.  We start by learning to be still enough to reflect and deepen our sense of awareness of our own lives.

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My passion for coaching lies in the magical and transformational opportunities for self-discovery, exploration and the endless possibilities that can arise through the creative coaching process for individuals, teams, organisations and communities.

Monica Browning
Monica Browning