My Story


I’m Monica Browning. I'm a certified leadership and life coach based in Hong Kong, working with individuals, teams, organisations and communities committed to navigating the route towards greater clarity, connection and courage through personal growth and development.

People Matter

People matter to me. My passion for coaching lies in partnering with individuals and teams to find the balance between ‘being’ (who they are) and ‘doing’ (what they do). Too often, we're defined by what we do; in the process, we forget to connect with who we are and to show up as our true, authentic selves.  

Two Decades Spent Guiding People

I bring 20 years of corporate HR experience with international organisations to my work as a leadership and life coach in Hong Kong. Through two decades of coaching, mentoring and being a trusted advisor to individuals and leadership teams around the world, I've come to understand intrinsically the challenges people face at work and in life.

My Approach

My honest, warm and holistic approach helps me connect with my clients. In this partnership, it's the client who takes ownership of what they learn and of the outcomes in their journey towards achieving personal projects, life goals, career or leadership goals. 

My style is straightforward and I am not afraid to challenge. I will hold up the mirror to clients as well as hold them accountable in a way that works best for them.


I work with individuals and teams ready and committed for change and transformation. Some may already be very clear on the destination. Others may recognise the need for change but want support in the form of a leadership or life coach to find better alignment and have accountability along the way.  

Asia, The Outdoors and My Personal Coaching Journey

Born on a Pacific island and raised in Hong Kong, I have a deep love for Asia. So much so that I've lived and worked in the region for 25 years. I'm now based in Hong Kong but I also offer my services virtually, coaching clients internationally


Along with people, I'm passionate about the great outdoors. You will often find me swimming in open water, hiking, and, when possible, sailing. The oceans and trails of Hong Kong and the world nourish my soul – this is where I feel most free and connected.  

Coaching helped me find my courage.  I know what it takes to be courageous and how challenging change can be.  For me I've learned that it's about progress and not perfection.

If my profile speaks to you, I would love to connect and partner with you through your own courageous coaching journey.  

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My life purpose is to live and to love courageously.  To live is to feel alive in good times AND through tough times.  To love is to embrace life fully and to love where I am, what I do, who I am with, what I stand for.

Monica Browning
Monica Browning

Credentials & Qualifications

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC / ACC) | Co-Active Training Institute

HEARTSTYLES accredited coach and facilitator

Accredited Performance Climate Systems (PCS) practitioner focusing on organisational climate

Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Trained facilitator in the use of Strength Finder 2.0 (Gallup)

Associate Certified Coach International Coach Federation
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