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Boundary Setting


What's ok and what's not OK for you

The topic of boundaries is so hot right now, many people are talking about them. AND many people are also struggling with them. There's no denying that boundary setting can be challenging, but once we notice where they are needed and realise that it's OK to set them AND communicate them, you will experience a new sense of freedom AND empowerment.


And you don't have to do it alone.

If you struggle with...

Saying No because you feel like you're letting people down

Setting boundaries at home with family

Feeling like you're being difficult if you put down a boundary

Setting boundaries at home with family

Knowing what the boundary IS - and then sticking with it

Work-life balance or being a people pleaser

Here's a preview of what the workshop covers....

How to identify the most common boundaries and some misconceptions around boundaries

How to determine your boundaries and recognise when they are being compromises

How our beliefs play into boundary setting

How to set healthy boundaries for yourself and communicate your boundaries from a place of truth and authenticity

Practical tips for setting healthy boundaries

An opportunity to also hear from others and how they deal with boundaries

A Safe Space for you to explore your boundaries


Boundary setting can be challenging and in this 90 minute exploratory workshop we'll just touch the tip of the iceberg. However, as you begin to explore this topic and identify where your biggest pain points are, you will also start to identify who you want to BE and how you want to behave and feel as you face situations in the future.

Identifying boundaries, communicating them and enforcing them will:

  • Positively impact your wellbeing

  • Increase your sense of inner peace and calm

  • Stop you feeling resentful and angry

  • Enable you to choose when it's hurting you or harming you to 'people please'

  • Increase your generosity and empathy

  • Improve personal relationships

  • Help you be more present and focused

  • Help you be more productive and focus on what’s important

Floating in the Sea

Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others

Brene Brown

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Boundary Setting Workshop Dates

Choose from one of the 90 minute Boundary Setting Workshop Sessions below (on Zoom)*

Monday 6 June 8pm HKT / 1pm UKT

Tuesday 6 September 8pm HKT / 1pm UKT

Tuesday 6 December 8pm HKT / 12pm UKT

*This 90 minute workshop is non-refundable. The Zoom workshop will be recorded and materials and recording will be shared with all participants who pay for the session (regardless of whether they are able to attend)


If you already know this topic is for you and you want to book a 2-Hour deep dive boundary setting coaching session, sign up below. What's included:

  • A 2-hour deep dive into what your key challenges are, what you think is holding you back and why

  • Practical tips and tools to help you with boundary setting and an action plan to help you move forward

  • Access to resources (reading and video) to further explore boundary setting

  • Notes and materials shared with you during the session

  • Recording of session (as required)

  • Your investment 597 USD

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Healthy Personal Boundaries is taking responsibility for your own actions and emotions, while NOT taking responsibility for the actions or emotions of others.

Mark Manson


Hi I'm Monica


As an experienced Leadership & Life coach, I have a passion for supporting people to create greater self awareness so that they can enjoy living more consciously and more authentically. As self-awareness increases, so too do the choices we have in the decisions we make - enabling us to live lives more aligned with our values and our true nature and essence. This in turn can lead to much greater fulfilment and contentment.

Boundaries are something that I struggled with for many years, and truth be told, I still do on occasion. It wasn't until I started to get more awareness as to what those boundaries were and notice my behaviour around them that I could even start to do anything about it.


Many of us struggle with boundaries. Whilst there has been increased awareness of the term boundaries some of us may still be unsure exactly how to determine them let alone enforce them. If this sounds like you, then this workshop may be the start of unlocking something truly great for you. I look forward to welcoming you into the boundary setting exploration workshop and the start of a great conversation.


I didn't realise there were other types of boundaries (especially time) so that was an eye opener. And it also made me more aware of other people's boundaries and accepting when they say no.

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