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Group Coaching

Welcome to this vibrant community of growth-seekers!

Join us on a transformative journey to unlock your full potential.

All the group coaching sessions and workshops cater to personal development, professional advancement, and holistic life balance. These blend inspiration, collaboration and actionable strategies to propel you towards your goals.

Experience the power of collective growth as we create a supportive space for nurturing dreams, conquering challenges, and embracing limitless possibilities.

In the process you will gain clarity, know what it feels like to access your courage and multiply your confidence.

At Courage Through Coaching, we offer safe and empowering group coaching to support your flourishing and thriving, even during tough times. 

Explore the exciting opportunities below.

Uniquely designed and tailored programs according to your team or organisational needs and goals.


Confidence Programs

Unlock your full potential and cultivate unwavering self-assurance, programs, designed to empower you with practical tools and strategies to overcome self-doubt and thrive in every aspect of your life.

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Boundary Setting

Explore the power of assertiveness and self-care with Boundary Setting, where you'll learn practical strategies to establish healthy boundaries and enhance your overall well-being.

Writing on Beach

Hi I'm Monica


As an experienced life & leadership coach, I am committed to supporting individuals, teams and organisations to build skills, capabilities and self-awareness for the future success of organisations. When I work with organisational leaders I help them build awareness of what it means to lead with authenticity and integrity.


Our job as leaders is to inspire and empower our teams and support them in their personal and professional growth and development.  Our job is also to make tough decisions. Leadership often requires balancing and navigating conflicting priorities. It requires being clear on the purpose and vision for the organisation. It also requires having sufficient IQ and EQ to understand and recognise the impact of leadership decisions the organisation - business and people-wise.

Having worked for 20+ years in corporate HR internationally across multiple global organisations in the capacity of leadership coach, mentor and trusted advisor, I've come to understand intrinsically the challenges leaders face at work and in life.

White Sand and Stone

Monica Browning of Courage Through Coaching recently  facilitated a programme for my Senior Management Team on the topic of “Team Communication and Accountability”. Monica was energetic, professional, insightful and the programme definitely exceeded my expectations. She was able to deal with a team of high performing executives with a wide variety of personal styles and get them to discover insights about how they operated and how they might become more effective and aware. I was thoroughly pleased with the programme and would welcome Monica back.

CEO, Transamerica Life Bermuda, Hong Kong

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