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Are You Ready to multiply your confidence and experience the joy and freedom that comes with that?

You’re a conscious leader and impact-driven entrepreneur or an individual navigating life changes and you have already experienced success in what you do.  However, it feels like you have more to offer and contribute. You are unique and the world needs your brilliance, voice and expertise.

I guide you to connect with your inner confidence and empower yourself...

Read on to find out different ways to connect with
your confidence


4-Day Confidence Challenge

You are unique and the world needs to benefit from your brilliance and what you have to share.  I’m here to help you connect to your brilliance, your courage and to multiply your confidence.  But that can feel daunting.  What if I told you there are easy ways to do this in a practical and applicable way by following some baby steps.  This new offering is what people like you have been asking for...a 4 days to confidence challenge!


3-Month Confidence Multiplier


Are you a conscious leader, impact-driven entrepreneur or an individual navigating life changes who would like to multiply their confidence so that you can life with more joy, freedom and confidence without letting self-doubt or worry creep in? 
Building confidence does not happen overnight but I’m here to show you how you can do it in an easy way following a proven methodology without overwhelm or being crippled by fear.

I offer a practical and applicable way that will not take too much of your precious time, but will save you so much lost time spent in worry and indecision.  It is a step by step system that is customized for you and for the life that you want to live over a period of 3 months.

What People are Saying...

This is what some of the participants of my most recent 4-day Confidence Challenge had to say....

The 4 day confidence challenge…..

Thank you for your generous offer of this course. It gave me the pep talk and tools I needed to start recognising the confidence barriers that are holding me back. I was already aware and working on it, but this gives me a way to create a more targeted plan I can hold myself accountable to keep. The content and delivery was clear, interesting and simple to follow. Especially impressive considering I attended during my early morning dog walks! 

Caroline T, New York

✓ Commitment
✓  Clarity on the transformation that is possible
✓  A proven process and system to support
     the transformation
✓  Courage


It is very hard to successfully build confidence without four things:


If you had all four, don't you think that you too could live more confidently, freely and authentically while at the same time, creating a life of greater fulfilment, earning potential and trust without compromising or second guessing yourself?

Imagine achieving your CONFIDENCE, FREEDOM, and IMPACT goals...

How much JOY & FREEDOM would that bring you?  

Join my 4-day confidence challenge to find out how!

Image by Marissa Rodriguez

A little about me...

Having successfully transitioned from corporate life to being a Life and Leadership Coach and training facilitator, I offer my gifts to help leaders, impact-driven entrepreneurs and individuals navigating life changes to achieve greater personal and professional success and show up for the best for themselves as they make a bigger and positive impact on the world.

Having a positive IMPACT on others and inspiring others to step into their COURAGE and CONFIDENCE is a deeply held purpose of mine.
Seeing others achieve SUCCESS and in turn, experience the FREEDOM and COURAGE to be authentically themselves and to live deeply FULFILLING lives is one of my goals in life.  This path is one that leads to the pure JOY of being alive and fully participating in life.


The results from my previous program “Navigating Towards Fulfillment” was so powerful that clients wanted to see more, so I’m so excited to bring you the Confidence Multiplier Program. 

It offers something for everyone: 

  • whether you’re about to start in a new job / career or need to make some important decision and you need a quick refresher and confidence boost, 

  • whether you want to reconnect with the confidence that you know is within or

  • whether you’ve had a recent or prolonged confidence hit that feels difficult to come out of.  

Those who feel drawn to follow a proven methodology with practical and applicable steps that will have an immediate impact, so that they can step into their confidence, joy and freedom without second-guessing themselves, indecision or worry.  

My own coaching journey has me connect my courage and confidence.  I know what it takes to be courageous and how challenging it can be to step into that confidence.  AND I also know how empowering it is when we know how!  

I have developed my own confidence rituals as part of my own personal development and I am able to meet people wherever they are at on their own personal / professional journey.  My 20+ years in the corporate world (internationally) culminating as Director of Talent and Leadership in a global insurance company, gives me first hand and deep experience of the stresses and challenges of high pressure environments which can lead to experiencing imposter syndrome and low confidence.  I’ve experienced it all myself! 

So if you're ready to step into your confidence and are committed to your most confident life, I want to work with you! 

Take a look at the Confidence Programs on offer below and see what would make the best sense for you! 

So if you want to get crystal clear on the EXACT STEPS you should be following right now to achieve your confidence goals and you are: 
•    willing to invest in yourself
•    actively seeking support now
•    committed to yourself to achieving this outcome right now

Go ahead, step into your power and select any one of the confidence programs below to help you conquer your fears and multiply your confidence. 

The NEXT Confidence Programs are running in September 2023!


4-Day Challenge (USD97) + 3-Month Confidence Multiplier (USD1,600) + 1 BONUS Coaching Session (USD 300)

Book Today for
USD 1,497

Save USD 500
(25% Discount)

3-Month Confidence Multiplier Program

USD 1,600

18 September  - 15 December

4-Day Confidence Challenge

USD 97

4 - 7 September

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