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3 Month Program
(18 Sept - 15 Dec 2023)

Fear to Freedom

Congratulations on committing to your most confident life!

You're a conscious leader, an impact-driven entrepreneur & someone committed to making positive life changes for yourself, your teams, your organisations and your communities.

Imagine stepping into a new leadership role knowing that you can trust yourself in any situation that comes your way? 

Picture a high stakes conversation in which you’re able to speak up and speak your mind clearly and confidently without the fear of confrontation or retaliation. 

You can make this YOUR REALITY with this proven methodology and support!

Are you ready to...

  • have the courage to be authentically you?

  • break free from the self-doubting voice and start enjoying and living life to the full? 

  • aim high(er) for yourself, because if you don’t do this, no-one else will do this for you

  • start fully trusting your decisions and your judgement without second guessing yourself

  • stop comparing yourself to others and start believing that your life matters 

  • increase your personal and professional effectiveness

  • understand and reframe your relationship with failure

  • feel, touch, taste, smell and see for yourself what REAL and true confidence

  • SMASH your confidence goals and transform your life in a way that you never thought possible with a trusted and proven system and support along the way? 

You’re committed to making a positive impact (professionally and personally) but now you truly want to crush your confidence goals and move towards a life of greater joy, freedom and confidence without second-guessing yourself, indecision, worry or imposter syndrome!

If you can commit to just 1 hour per week for 3 months, I will guide you to on the path to greater confidence using a proven methodology with a very personalised small group coaching approach yet with practical and applicable tools to help you multiply and sky-rocket your confidence!

  • A much deeper self-awareness on your uniqueness and how this can propel you towards your greater confidence and self-trust

  • A breakdown on what makes up confidence to help you focus efforts for greater impact.

  • Clarity on the practical and actionable steps that you can start taking IMMEDIATELY towards your most confident life

  • Tools, strategies and exercises to propel you towards confidence without self-doubt or overwhelm 

  • Experience sharing with others in a safe and confidential forum

  • Courage to take action in ways you didn’t think possible

  • Access to all call recordings for each of the small group sessions (only accessible to group member)

  • Everything you need to trust yourself to take confidence action.

  • And much more value in the pipeline! (Priceless!)

Before the end of 3 months, you can expect the following: 


And of course, the program includes all the training, content and coaching you need for success:

  • It follows the unique and exact steps and roadmap (see below) that confident leaders use to multiply confidence without self-doubt, overwhelm and limiting beliefs 

  • 9 x weekly small group coaching sessions (hr each 1) covering content and coaching (interactive) following the 9-step roadmap (USD 4500)

  • 1 x Q&A bi-weekly (1hr) to bring any further questions and support integration of learning (USD 1600)

  • Exclusive support in a safe and confidential coaching group (6 people MAX) to share experiences and support each other.

  • Access to Courageous Collective membership site and course platform to gain access to recordings, resources and other coaching tools and for 6 months (USD 600)

  • Resources / Workbooks provided per session (for pre & post follow up) (USD 3000)

The price for the full program USD 2999

YOUR PRICE RIGHT NOW (47% Discount): USD 1600

A Word from Prior Clients

Before coaching with Monica I was quite lost in my path with a lot of fear and self doubt.  I’d tried to coach myself and made no progress. Nothing got passed Monica. She was quick to pinpoint the milli-second I started to revert back to the fearful, self-doubting Michelle.  Monica helped me feel feel empowered, courageous and confident and safe to explore any aspect of my life. I  always looked forward to our sessions together. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone!

Michelle L.

A Roadmap to Your Success

Confidence Multiplier Roadmap.png

No matter how successful, many leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals are held back from their fullest potential because they struggle (sometimes unconsciously) with confidence.  This inhibits the ability to be of maximum impact and service to the communities and people that they serve and to fully participate in life.  There are several reasons for this:

✗ Struggles with self-doubt and fear
✗ Don’t trust their decision making in certain situations
✗ Current mindset tells them this is “just the way I am” 
✗  Want to avoid the possibility of being hurt, rejected, humiliated or even fail
✗ Stuck in a world of comparison
✗ Overwhelmed by what they might have to do to build confidence
✗ Have tried ways to increase their confidence but they haven’t worked

If this in anyway sounds like you, you are not alone!

It is very hard to successfully build confidence without four things:

✓  Commitment
✓  Clarity on the transformation that is possible
✓  A proven process and system to support
     the transformation
✓  Courage

If you bring the commitment, the rest will follow. 

If you had all four, don't you think that you too could live more confidently, freely and authentically while at the same time, creating a life of greater fulfilment, earning potential and trust without compromising or second guessing yourself?

Imagine achieving your CONFIDENCE, FREEDOM, and IMPACT goals...

How much JOY & FREEDOM would that bring you?  

Commit to just 1 hour per week for 3 months to move towards your life of greater confidence. 

But hang on a minute...

...there are so many coaches, courses and “Gurus” out there who all seem to know it all… So why should you listen to me?

Image by Marissa Rodriguez

Here are a few things which I would like to share with you to show you that I not only walk the talk, but I have the
background to bring you results:

  • I have been coaching and mentoring people to make transformations in every part their lives and careers for 20+ years.

  • My previous Navigate Towards Fulfilment coaching program has helped conscious leaders, impact-driven entrepreneurs and individuals navigating change just like you to achieve amazing results.

  • I founded my company, Courage Through Coaching, in 2018.  As a speaker, training facilitator and coach, I have personally helped hundreds of individuals and groups multiply their confidence 10x fold through my coaching programs. 

  • I’ve had 20+ years of international experience across the globe with multiple companies, moves and re-starts so I know what it’s like to have the experience of re-starting, re-building confidence multiple times over.


  • I am a fully certified and qualified professional coach (with the ICF) as well as training in neuroscience and trauma-informed coaching. 

  • I believe that EVERYONE has the right to feel and BE confident.  It means different things to different people and I meet everyone exactly where they are at and will support you every step of the way on your confidence goals.  

  • I am not your guru, just a normal woman who herself has had (and overcome) confidence issues in the past.  As a result of my own experience, education and training I have developed a unique methodology to truly , inspire, empower and multiply your confidence.

A word from recent participants of the Confidence Challenge (June 2023)

  • There was a great balance of theoretical content and practical strategies to try out. The information was explained clearly and concisely. I would definitely recommend this course to anybody who struggles with self-confidence.

  • Monica has great energy and delivers the course material very clearly. Exercises done during the sessions are very useful

  • I thought this was a terrific use of time. I didn't know what to expect but this exceeded it. I really loved the hour long duration, very clear content and material

  • Without hesitation, I recommend this course to people who want help and guidance with formulating practical steps in how they can increase their confidence.


Give yourself just an hour a week over 3 months to benefit from the tools and strategies which have proven to help hundreds of people just like you multiply their confidence.


Save yourself countless hours of trying to figure out what you’re going to do to multiply your confidence without structure, support and a proven methodology.  


These are specific steps I've used myself to multiply my confidence and to help others to do the same and you have the opportunity to benefit from my experience.

Why am I doing this? Good question...

Having a positive IMPACT on others and inspiring others to step into their COURAGE and CONFIDENCE is a deeply held purpose of mine.
Seeing others achieve SUCCESS and in turn, experience the FREEDOM and COURAGE to be authentically themselves and to live deeply FULFILLING lives is one of my goals in life.  This path is one that leads to the pure JOY of being alive and fully participating in life.

However, not so long ago, I was completely running in the wrong direction when it came to my life vision, who I was and where I wanted to be.
I found myself in the corporate world, in a job that I'd lost passion for and making decisions that didn’t align with my core values.

I wasn’t looking after myself mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally and all of this had a HUGE impact on my confidence. I wasn’t living authentically. 

I live in a beautiful place in Asia where the ocean is my happy place and I was barely making time to be in or around the water. Whilst I had “successful” corporate career, I was stuck on the corporate treadmill, comparing myself to others (who I had no right to compare myself to) and I was ignoring my life coaching gifts and talents and finding excuses to not fully participate in life.



Having made a clean break on many levels professionally and personally and fully qualified and certified as a coach, it dawned on me that I needed to create individual and group programs that offered my gifts to people who wanted them and also gave me a chance to fully live, love, lead, learn and earn confidently, courageously and joyfully. 

The resulting unique programs have brought JOY, SUCCESS and FREEDOM to both my life and that of my clients.

But there was one thing I noticed...

Many of my individual and group coaching clients wanted CONFIDENCE.

So I sought out a system to bring everything together into one program.

I found a proven methodology that helps you
multiply your confidence in whatever area of your life that you need without the struggles and fears of self-doubt, second guessing and imposter syndrome.

With this program, you will now be able to step into your courage and CONFIDENCE so that you fully live and lead confidently and courageously, increase your earning potential AND have a hugely positive IMPACT on the individuals, communities and society around you.

If you're the type of person who: 

  • is willing to invest in themselves

  • is actively seeking support now

  • will commit themselves to achieving their confidence goals right now

this unique program is for you, so let's dig in!

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