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Navigate Towards Fulfilment: A four-part journey



Courses Running in 2021
Feb / May / Sept / Nov

The ‘WHY’
A reason / meaning for your life


7.30pm - 9.30pm (HKT) 

12.30pm - 2pm (UKT)

6.30am - 8am (CST) 



Courses Running in 2021

Feb / May / Sept / Nov

The ‘What’ 
A vision for your life


7.30pm - 9.00pm (HKT)

12.30pm - 2pm (UKT)

6.30am - 8am (CST) 



Courses Running in 2021

Feb / May / Sept / Nov

The ‘What’s Important’

Principles for your life


7.30pm - 9.00pm (HKT)

12.30pm - 2pm (UKT)

6.30am - 8am (CST) 



Courses Running in 2021

Feb / May / Sept / Nov

The ‘HOW’

A roadmap to help you


7.30pm - 9.00pm (HKT)

12.30pm - 2pm (UKT)

6.30am - 8am (CST) 


At a time of continued uncertainty, many people are asking themselves more profound questions in life. Burnout is a reality, disatisfaction is rife and lives are out of balance.  In exploring and re-connecting with who you truly are (your purpose, your vision, your values and your goals), you can move closer towards creating greater balance, fulfilment and contentment.

My personal belief that fulfilment is state of being.  It is not a destination. The more we are willing to experience and grow, the deeper, more satisfying life will be. Fulfilment comes from within. It comes from witnessing your own growth. It comes from pursuing the dreams and goals that matter to you most. We can all find fulfilment, even in the toughest of times.  We start by learning to be still enough to reflect and deepen our sense of awareness of our own lives.

*This course will run over four consecutive Tuesday's in the following months of 2021: February, May, September, November 


‘Go where you feel most alive’

About This Experience*
Your Guide  - Monica Browning_Flyer.png

Your Guide | Monica Browning 

Leadership & Life Coach

I’m delighted to be your guide on this journey towards fulfilment.


As an experienced Leadership & Life coach, I have a passion for supporting people as they discover the very best version of themselves while navigating towards a life of greater balance and fulfilment.


Through honest and inspiring conversations, I work with committed individuals & teams wanting to make changes in professional and/or personal lives.


With 20 years of experience in international and corporate HR, I have extensive leadership experience. I’ve worked with people from all over the world from diverse backgrounds, circumstances and situations.


My personal journey has been one of great fulfilment and challenge. In exploring my vision, values and goals, I am now very clear about my purpose and passions in life. One of my greatest joys is in supporting others to develop and refine the truest, most authentic vision for themselves. My purpose is to live and love authentially and courageously and inspire others to do the same.  

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What’s Involved?

This online experience will bring together up to 6 participants and your guide (Monica Browning) to navigate and explore the above areas. 

Through each weekly experience, the 6 participants will be guided by Monica through the topic exploration which will incorporate group discussion and coaching, individual reflection, break out activities and guidance to support a rich, deep and nurturing experience.  

Participants will receive tools and resources to support their experience and journey.  By deepening the learning and awareness of themselves they will bring a new and renewed level of consciousness to their lives.  

As in any journey of exploration and self-discovery, the more that is put in, the more participants will get out of this experience.  There will be pre & post session exercise(s) or preparation to do and it’s up to each participant how much they want to put in. 

What can participants expect? 


  • Connect with each individuals' sense of purpose

  • Explore a vision for your life

  • Gain clarity on personal and unique values

  • Set out goals to support moving towards a life of greater fulfilment

  • Gain new perspectives and shift energy

  • Learn tools/strategies to support further personal development

  • Build a sense of community and support by sharing experiences

  • Group and one-on-one coaching

What prior participants have said

"Worthwhile and enlightening. I have some new tools to work with and continue this important work moving forward on my own."


"It's amazing! you must try the next one!"

"It was such a rewarding way to choose to spend time"

"I wish someone had told me about this sooner!"

Register Now!

HKD$3500 / GBP325 / USD 450 Price includes: 

  • 4 live virtual workshops (1hr30mins each)

  • 45 minutes one to one with Monica (can be taken anytime up to 1 week after conclusion of experience)

  • Up to 6 participants (minimum 4 participants)

  • Learning Journal: to be sent to home address prior to start. (NOTE:HK only due to postage limitation during Covid-19 restrictions)

  • Materials, resources and tools shared as part of online experience

I Can't wait to hear from you!

To find out more email me at mb@couragethroughcoaching.com or submit the form below to register your interest. 


Thank you for your registration. An email will be sent shortly confirming your participation and to follow up on payment details.