Signature Program 2021

Navigate Towards Fulfilment: A four-part journey

Hello Courageous Soul

It's time to Navigate Towards Fulfilment and create the life that you've been yearning for.

I'm so excited that you're here.  I suspect you're here because......

You have the desire to make a bigger impact in your life

You know that there is more but you're finding that you're on autopilot, too busy and stuck on the treadmill of life

You're at a point of transition and change and you want what comes next to be purposeful and meaningful

You have deep curiousity about what this signature program may reveal for you!

 There's no denying that inner work can be challenging and tough, but the feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction you reap from getting to your authentic truth is pricelesss.

And here's the thing......


About This Experience*

Hi, I'm Monica

Your Guide | Monica Browning | Leadership & Life Coach

I’m delighted to be your guide on this journey towards fulfilment.


As an experienced Leadership & Life coach, I have a passion for supporting people as they discover the very best version of themselves while navigating towards a life of greater balance and fulfilment.


Through honest and inspiring conversations, I work with committed individuals & teams wanting to make changes in professional and/or personal lives.


With 20 years of experience in international and corporate HR, I have extensive leadership experience. I’ve worked with people from all over the world from diverse backgrounds, circumstances and situations.


My personal journey has been one of great fulfilment and challenge. In exploring my vision, values and goals, I am now very clear about my purpose and passions in life. One of my greatest joys is in supporting others to develop and refine the truest, most authentic vision for themselves. My purpose is to live and love authentially and courageously and inspire others to do the same.  

A Safe Space for you to 

Navigate Towards Fulfilment

This four-part & four-week signature program, using the four-pillar method, will take you on an in-depth, fun and creative journey of self-discovery moving you towards a life of greater clarity, purpose and fulfilment and an exploration of your Purpose, your Vision, your Values & your Goals.   



Final Course of 2021
5 October 

The ‘Why’
A reason / meaning for your life


7.30pm - 9.30pm (HKT) 

12.30pm - 2pm (UKT)

6.30am - 8am (CST) 



Final Course of 2021 

12 October 

The ‘What’ 
A vision for your life


7.30pm - 9.30pm (HKT) 

12.30pm - 2pm (UKT)

6.30am - 8am (CST) 



Final Course of 2021

19 October 

The ‘What’s Important’

Principles for your life


7.30pm - 9.30pm (HKT) 

12.30pm - 2pm (UKT)

6.30am - 8am (CST) 



Final Course of 2021

26 October 

The ‘How’

A roadmap to help you


7.30pm - 9.30pm (HKT) 

12.30pm - 2pm (UKT)

6.30am - 8am (CST) 

What They Say

"Worthwhile and enlightening. I have some new tools to work with and continue this important work moving forward on my own."

"It's amazing! you must try the next one!"

"I wish someone had told me about this sooner!"

“I’m so grateful that I got to be in the first round of this as it really made me reflect on my past and values.  I’ve made some positive changes ever since and I’m in a much happier space”


  • 6hrs of Group Coaching (4 x 1.5hr live virtual workshops) 

  • 60 minutes 1:1 Coaching with Monica (valued at USD$350) 

  • Access to online learning platform for resources and tools 

  • Learning Journal (HK only)

  • 8 Participants (Maximum)



  • Signature Group Program PLUS

  • Additional 3 x 1hr 1:1 Coaching with Monica (valued at USD 1400)


*As this is a boutique size of 8 (max) participants per group, I will review applications to be sure that the program is the right fit for you and that all participants get what they need from this unique and intimate program.

I can't wait to hold this space for you.

What can participants expect? 


  • To gain clarity on what may be missing in their lives

  • Understand what it feels like to have purpose and be on purpose

  • Feel energy and excitment about the vision for your life

  • Experience first-hand how making value-based decisions will transform your life  

  • Set out goals to support moving towards a life of greater fulfilment

  • Gain a new sense of perspectives and motivation 

  • Lock in tools to support further personal development

  • Build a sense of community and support by sharing experiences

  • Group and one-on-one coaching

What’s Involved?

This intimate and unique signature program, using the four-pillar method, will bring together up to 8 participants (max) and your guide (Monica Browning) to navigate and explore the four pillars of fulfilment - your purpose, your vision, your values and your goals


Each week will explore one pillar of fulfilment.  Live weekly calls (on zoom) will include topic exploration, group discussion, group coaching, individual reflection, break out activities and guidance to support a rich, deep and nurturing experience.  

Between session, participants will have access to an online platform to access, tools, resources and complete pre & post workhop activities (max 1 hr per week) to support their experience and journey. 

As in any journey of exploration and self-discovery, the more that is put in, the more participants will get out of this experience. 


This four-part signature program will re-connect you with who you truly are (your purpose, your vision, your values and your goals) and  take you on an in-depth, intimate and creative journey of self-discovery as you re-connect with yourself, regain balance, uncover your deepest heart-felt desires, and move you closer towards a life of greater clarity, balance and fulfilmentance and fulfilment

My personal belief is that fulfilment comes from integrating the being with the doing.  It is not necessarily a destination. The more we are willing to experience and grow, the deeper, more satisfying life will be. Fulfilment comes from witnessing and reflecting on your own growth. It comes from raising your level of awareness and consciousness.  It comes from pursuing the dreams and goals that matter to you most. And my belief is that we can all find fulfilment, even in the toughest of times.  

*The FINAL course of 2021 will run over four consecutive Tuesday's in in October 


‘Go where you feel most alive’

About This Experience*

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this experience for?

This experience is for anyone who is looking to better connect with themselves and move towards a life of greater balance and fulfilment. This experience may also be relevant for any who is feeling stuck, burned-out or disconnected as this exploration serves to provide clarity in direction. If you are looking to better connect with YOUR purpose, YOUR vision, YOUR values and YOUR goals, this experience is for YOU.

What online platform will be used for delivery of this online experience?

Zoom will be used for weekly group coaching calls and indvidual coaching calls. All participants are required to have access to Zoom, video capability and a stable internet connection. An digital online learning platform will be also utilised to access materials, rresources and course content throughout the four weeks.

I’m not based in Hong Kong can I attend this experience?

Yes, absolutely! If the time zones work for you, you are welcome to attend. This course will run at the following times: UK Time: 12.30pm - 2pm Hong Kong Time: 7.30pm - 9pm Central (US) Time: 6.30am - 8am

I am not able to attend all of the sessions, can I still sign up?

Yes, you can sign up and please bear in mind the following:
The structure of the experience is deliberately set out that one topic flows into the next
Part of the intention of this experience is to build a sense of community as you embark on this journey which you may miss out on if you are unable to attend all sessions.
Payment in full is still required regardless of how many sessions you are able to attend.

Terms & Conditions

*Confidentiality is one of the guiding principles of this experience. Online sessions will not be recorded in order to respect and honour the confidentiality of the participants. By attending, participants also agree to not discussing or sharing any content or material. The online experience will be held using Zoom. Participants are requested to enable video to make for a richer and more intimate experience. Participants should also ensure you have a stable connection. This online experience is delivered in accordance with the principles outlined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics. Any materials distributed remain the intellectual property of Courage Through Coaching. Payment is required in full and upfront of the 4-week online experience. No refunds or replacement sessions will be offered to participants unable to attend the scheduled dates.
Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations at least 48 hours prior to commencement date will be refunded in full.
Cancellations prior to 24 hours will be refunded at 50%
Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to commencement will not be refunded.